Crowdfunding is intended to foster early-phase small and medium-sized enterprises to raise capital and to increase the participation of everyday investors in the success of local enterprises.

Our website introduces the crowdfunding service that is to be launched in the first half of 2019. Our regulations are based on the position published by the National Bank of Hungary and describe the terms of investment. These regulations will be published upon launch of our service.

A situation that frequently occurs during a startup’s early financing stages is when friends, family and acquaintances cannot provide any more funds whilst receiving funding from professional financial institutions is also still not yet possible. The crowdfunding campaign reaches numerous potential investors and is not only useful for facilitating capital raise: it is the only form of finance, which significantly promotes client acquiration, sales and communication, thus strengthening the brand. Equity-based crowdfunding helps early-phase small and medium-sized companies with a sustainable business model to raise capital efficiently as well as build their brand and generate sales. According to the global regulations and best practices of crowdfunding, these companies require capital in the range of a few ten million forints to one million euros. An online campaign usually lasts for 45-60 days and it is considered successful in case it reaches its funding target, in exchange for which the investors receive shares.

Now for the first time a broad range of Hungarian investors have the opportunity to participate in the success of innovative, local and regional enterprises with a sustainable business model.


Mentoring Program

During our mentoring and incubation program our professional team helps the campaign owners to overcome challenges regarding legal issues, business development and online communication.

Startup Ecosystem

Tokeportal.hu strengthens the ecosystem by building a community of investors and campaign owners. Building the ecosystem is both our mission and an investment: it facilitates an efficient division of tasks and secures the long-term active presence of key players.

Crowd of Investors

We provide simpler and faster processes for raising capital from a larger investor base. Registered investors on our platform include everyday investors, business angels and institutional investors.

Capital Raise and Marketing

The simple model of crowdfunding incentivizes investors to make quick investment decisions, which might involve only small amounts of capital. For entrepreneurs it provides an online platform for marketing and for raising capital.

Experienced Team

Based on our experiences, which we gained during the preparatory work of the last five years, we believe that after the implementation of the international and national regulation, crowdfunding can successfully gain momentum in Hungary as well.

Added Value and Efficient Funding

Raising capital at Tokeportal.hu involves only modest fixed costs and success fees.


The processes of crowd investing and launching a campaign at Tokeportal.hu


Contact us, Leave us a message at hello@tokeportal.hu, which briefly describes your business idea, the solution it provides and the amount of capital you seek.
After registration (and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy) submit your personal data and information about your campaign. Submit your draft campaign for approval.Internal ProcessesDuring a…

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Discover the coolest startups! Registration is very simple: once you have finalized your registration, you can browse through the campaigns. Your investor profile will require your account statement and personal information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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The scale of crowdfunding campaigns are subject to European Union legislation and, as a result, currently is limited to €1,000,000 per year. Based on the position of the National Bank of Hungary, campaign owners can raise capital by private placement, in compliance with the Hungarian Securities Markets Legislation in force.

Based on the Hungarian Legislation on Investment Companies, accredited or professional investors can participate in the campaigns without any limitation. The number of participating non-accredited and non-professional investors is limited in case of campaigns with a funding target above €100,000. This is explained in detail in the campaign descriptions. After the publicly available campaigns, the enterprises operate as private limited companies.

Check out our video that introduces the planned future operation of Tokeportal.hu,
the first regulated Hungarian equity-based crowdfunding portal and subscribe to our Youtube-channel!


Our vision is for Tokeportal to be the information hub and efficient marketplace for the local and regional start-up community.

We provide an easily available form of financing with simple but regulated processes for early-phase small and medium-sized companies, as well as an opportunity for the crowd to invest small amounts of capital in local and regional enterprises without taking too much risk.

Our mission is to foster the development of financial and investment culture and contribute to the competitiveness of the local economy by facilitating access to capital for early-phase small and medium-sized companies. Crowdfunding provides a complementary form of finance to the existing ones and thus contributes to the mitigation of risks.



Tokeportal.hu does not match investors with project owners, nor does it engage in asset management. Investors shall transfer the amount invested to a deposit account. Investors receive shares in exchange for their investments.


After a full and completed registration, investors will be able to acquire a stake in the selected business within a few minutes online.


Those who want to invest and seek capital are linked through our online interface.


Team of experts

Mihály Pintér

Strategic Director

Economist with 14 years experience in investment and risk management. As business innovator and head of business operations at a VC fund he has established the network of innovation services.

Kata Nádasdy


She contributes to the success of Tőkeportál with her creativity and expertise in online marketing.

Nora Szeles

Head of Business Development

Aseconomist Nora has more than 15 years of experience in the development of a wide range of domestic and international projects related to capital markets.

János Rovnyai


As economist he has more than 15 years of experience in running technological enterprises. His enterprise, Dolphio Technologies provides IT development and project management.

Bence Varga

Head of IT

He is responsible for the IT development. Has ample experiences in software development and IT project management.

Dániel Csáki


As a project manager is responsible for the realization of the processes related to Tőkeportál.

Klaudia Molnár

Lead Analyst

She examines the best practices of the global crowdfunding sector and analyzes their adaptability to the local business environment.

Mariann dr Vida

Chief Legal Advisor

She is a lawyer, capital markets expert with deep understanding of capital markets regulation.


Cooperating businesses and organizations



News & Events


Risk warning

The full range of information about investment opportunities are available only to investors approved by Tőkeportál Zrt. Tokeportal does not give investment advice, nor does it make offers. The enterprises raising capital through Tokeportal.hu are usually early-phase small and medium sized companies. Investing in such companies bears the risk of losing part of or even the entire capital invested. Invest in companies registered at Tokeportal.hu only if you fully understand and accept the risks involved. For further information please check: