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Investment opportunities

Tokeportal.hu offers an overview of current investment opportunities at a glance.

Multiple investment categories

We created investment categories that meet the needs of both institutional and private investors and serve the interests of the project owners.

Further future opportunities

Our future plans include the establishment of a special fund and the facilitation of secondary trading.


Due diligence

Tokeportal conducts due diligence and presents startups with the latest ideas and solutions for everyday problems.

Communication and reports on progress and successes

The online portal’s forum and its social media sites enable flexible communication between the parties involved considering regular reports on progress and successes.

No sunk costs

We plan to introduce one-off registration fee that needs to be renewed periodically and which can be fully used for investment through Tokeportal, once the registration is completed.


Check out the planned operation of Tokaportal the first Hungarian equity crowd funding portal on video and subscribe to our youtube channel!


Find out how to invest at the portal


Discover the coolest startups! Registration is very simple: once you have finalized your registration, you can browse through the campaigns. Your investor profile will require your account statement and personal information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Cooperating businesses and organizations


Risk warning

The full range of information about investment opportunities are available only to investors approved by Tőkeportál Zrt. Tokeportal does not give investment advice, nor does it make offers. The enterprises raising capital through Tokeportal.hu are usually early-phase small and medium sized companies. Investing in such companies bears the risk of losing part of or even the entire capital invested. Invest in companies registered at Tokeportal.hu only if you fully understand and accept the risks involved.