Our new indicator, the CROWD CAPITAL INDICATOR, serves to measure Hungarian community pledges that aim to compensate or decrease the negative effects of the pandemia Covid-19. CCI tracks the aggregate market value of Hungarian services and donations to the public  from the 28 February

We trust that the indicator and its communication will significantly contribute to activating our responsiveness and adaptability, to the common good.
We designed a semi-automatic research based on manual, automated and crowdsourced collection, and a validation process.

News source: social media, news sites, newsletters

We have registered pledges in the value of more than 12 billion HUF!
The country-wide special offer of Coca-Cola on the 19th June provided the guests of its partners with free drinks. The company has donated 100,000 bottles of drinks in the total value of HUF 50 million with the aim to reconnect the consumers with their favourite restaurants after the quarantine.
Read our interview with Coca-Cola here!

40% of the pledges are online or offline services (e.g. consultancy or transportation), in the value of 4.76 billion HUF. 32% of the pledges constitute financial aid, offered mostly to hospitals and other health service providers. Tangible gifts (e.g. protective equipment, food) form 28% of the pledges.


The Crowd Capital Indicator shows pledges from the crowd, i.e. social capital or crowd capital. Everyone pledges what he/she can provide to help the community.
We hope that the indicator and its communication activates our ability to react and adapt!


You have certainly read about pledges on the news portals or social media. What do we show in our Crowd Capital Indicator? It might be a free online museum tour, laptops to underprivileged children, discounts on commissions, free use of a service or even an educational application – we include the value of all these pledges in our Crowd Capital Indicator.


How do we measure the pledges?

  • hu continuously builds a database based on the news.
  • It validates, assesses and estimates the collected information. In the meanwhile, we contact the pledger with the aim of database reconciliation.
  • Anyone can submit his/her pledges or others’ through our online form.

We analyse, publish and communicate the results. We improve our methodology constantly.


You also can register your offering or other offering!

Submit your pledge or others’ within a few minutes! Fill in the details of your pledge and its actual or estimated market value. Your pledge will be shown on the next day by our Crowd Capital Indicator. If you are interested in more information or in participating, send us a mail to hello@tokeportal.hu.