Our CROWD CAPITAL INDICATOR (CCI) is at 16,5 billion HUF by the end of May

Our new indicator, the CROWD CAPITAL INDICATOR, serves to measure Hungarian community pledges that aim to compensate or decrease the negative effects of the pandemic Covid-19. CCI tracks the aggregate market value of Hungarian services and donations to the public from the 28 February 2020. We trust that the indicator and its communication will significantly contribute to activating our responsiveness and adaptability, to the common good. We designed a semi-automatic research based on manual, automated and crowdsourced collection, and a validation process.
Tokeportal.hu wishes to contribute to the greater good by delivering this measurements and its findings to the crowd, in the hope that this research will encourage our society’s responsiveness and proactivity in the fight of Covid- 19 and in the support of those in need.


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During this pandemic and all of its challenges, it is truly fantastic to see such positive attitude toward helping each other and playing a part in something bigger than a single individual. In the last one and a half years, we have recorded many pledges and stopped counting the number of donations at 800. Today the donations and pledges have reached the total of 16.5 billion HUF, which is the result of a nation coming together and helping the ones in need. The pledges are always colourful and are put together from many categories, they vary from monetary contributions, to food and beverage packages. We have established a number of 12 pledge types, however the most popular ones remain to be monetary contributions, support of the healthcare system and its workers and services in general.
It is no surprise that most people preferred to help the healthcare system in Hungary, it is a dominating aspect of our society these days. Even the monetary aids were targeting the healthcare sector, they received 6 446 489 131 HUF altogether since the pandemic started. Several multinational companies participated in donating wherever they could, and naturally we took a leap and recorded mini interviews with their representatives to see what motivated the businesses to donate and why. During these interviews we gathered that companies take helping and contributing very seriously and expect others to do the same. They are perfectly aware of the importance that the healthcare system plays in the pandemic and the fact that right now, it is a segment in need.
Due to the CCI’s inclusive, half- automatic measurement, we are able to see the latest trends among the pledges and pledges a seasonal trend and its long- term consequences to our society. During the time the CCI has been frequently and promptly updated, we have seen an outstanding rate of donations being made during the Christmas season, whilst during spring or summer time there is a visible decline. In the winter, especially in November and December, there has been a 45% increase in the number of donations, between 25th of 30th of December, there were more than one pledges each day. However in January for instance, a very steep decrease has been recorded, during the whole month, we only measured 4 donations altogether. It is a nationwide trend in the business world, that after the Christmas season, people are not only unwilling to donate, but in most cases are unable as the companies have already distributed the bonuses and allocated the donations elsewhere by the end of January, beginning of February.
In 2021, the pledges reached 1 415 982 000 HUF, which is only 12% of the total amount of donation from 2019 February. This spring is predicted to be a slow and uneventful period in terms of pledges, we do not expect to have a high rate of donations, especially because the vaccines may solve the problem of the pandemic in the foreseeable future.


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