, Hungary’s first and only crowdfunding service provider was born on a stormy night, in times of the pandemia. Although the digital sector could profit from the lockdown, our newly launched service was hit badly, as most potential crowdfunders and investors postponed decisions. However, by today, we managed to establish a brand and completed the first successful campaigns.

Now it’s time to speed up.

We would like to invite you to join our journey!

Crowdfunding is the only tool that makes startups an investment vehicle for the everyday investor. Now in times of high asset prices and accelerating inflation, investments in this asset class can be a good tool to diversification.

The CEE is the only region which is a relatively blank space ont he crowdfunding map. Taking the rate of dormant capital and the entrepreneurial potential into account, we believe it is time to act.

Insofar Tokeportal has suffered from insufficient capital to unlock the market potential.

Let’s create the new market together!

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The crowdfunding momentum is here. ECSPR, the new regulation has entered into force that enables cross border expansion and removes the barriers to entry. The treshold to raise capital through crowdfunding has been extended to EUR 5M per year per campaign, that enables businesses to kickstart even internationally.

The largest platforms have started to expand, ally, and enter into new markets. It is time for you to become a crowdfunding platform investor. In a couple of years we would like to lead Tokeportal to be a benchmark market player and a potential exit target either by another major competitor or a foreign venture capital.

*A declaration of intent does not oblige you to invest.
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The complete information about investment opportunities is accessible only to identified investors, who indicate interest in the presented investment opportunity and are approved by the Campaign Initiator. does not provide investment advice, nor does it make investment offers. The platform-based process of private placement, which is detailed in our regulations, has been developed based on international best practices and is in line with the legislation in force.
Investing in startups bears the risk of losing part of or even the entire invested capital; moreover, investors have to do without their invested capital for years. Invest in campaigns at only if you fully understand and accept the risks involved. For further (but not complete) information on the associated risks, please click on the icon below.