The process of crowdinvestment through tokeportal.hu

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Registration at Tokeportal.hu

Register as an investor: create your profile, complete our entry knowledge test, upload the required documents and pay the modest registration fee.

Tokeportal approves your application

In case you missed to fill in all the required data, Tokeportal will request you to complete the missing information. After the approval of the submitted data, Tokeportal informs you about your successful registration.
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Investment in actual campaigns

After the completion of registration you can browse the available campaigns. Read all the uploaded information about the campaigns, check out their business plans and introductory videos, join the forum and ask questions. You can invest in selected campaigns even as little as HUF 5000. You have to transfer the invested amount to a deposit account – until the end of the successful campaign neither the company, nor Tokeportal has access to the transferred amount.

At the end of the campaign

After the campaign successfully ended, Tokeportal will notify you about your successful investment. In case you change your mind about an investment, before the end of the campaign you can request part of or the entire invested amount to be transferred back.

Follow up on your investment

In case of a successful campaign, you receive your shares to your securities account. Participate in corporate governance, keep an eye open for exit opportunities or wait for dividend payments.


How to Crowd Invest at Tokeportal

Who can launch a crowdfunding campaign through Tokeportal.hu?

Both individuals and institutions can indicate their intent to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Tokeportal.hu. In case your project is not incorporated at the start of the campaign as a private limited company, you have to transform it or found a new private limited company. This is essential because Tokeportal.hu facilitates equity-based crowdfunding.

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Closing of your campaign

A campaign is considered successful if it reaches the predetermined funding target within the campaign period. After your campaign reaches this target, you can initiate the closing of your campaign at any time. After closing your campaign we help you in legal compliance, in creating agreements and in financial implementation. At the end of the…

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Investment in the campaigns

Once your investor profile has been validated, you can browse the investment opportunities. With a validated profile you can have access to further functions at the webpage of the campaign. You can pose questions directly to the campaign owner and you can download the disclosed documents. If you found a campaign that you like, just…

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Setting your investor profile

On our portal you can choose from four different profile types. The ideal profile type for you depends on whether you would like to invest as an individual or an institution. We require different documents and information from each type of profile for validation. You can read about these in more detail at the Profile…

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Registration at the portal

Access to certain functions of the portal (creating a campaign and investment) is available only to registered users. The registration process takes only a few minutes.  After submitting your e-mail address and setting your password, you will receive an activation link via e-mail. By clicking on this link, you can start using the portal.  

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Who can invest through Tokeportal.hu?

Both individuals and institutions can register as investors at Tokeportal.hu. As an individual, if you are above the legal age and you possess the data, which is required to validate your profile, you can start investing through the portal. Be careful, be aware that you are risking your money and do not expect quick realization…

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Cooperating businesses and organizations


Risk warning

The full range of information about investment opportunities are available only to investors approved by Tőkeportál Zrt. Tokeportal does not give investment advice, nor does it make offers. The enterprises raising capital through Tokeportal.hu are usually early-phase small and medium sized companies. Investing in such companies bears the risk of losing part of or even the entire capital invested. Invest in companies registered at Tokeportal.hu only if you fully understand and accept the risks involved.