Launching a crowdfunding campaign

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Contact us

Leave us a message at hello@tokeportal.hu, which briefly describes your business idea, the solution it provides and the amount of capital you seek.


After registration (and acceptance of our Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy) submit your personal data and information about your campaign. Submit your draft campaign for approval.
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Internal Processes

During a personal or video pitch Tokeportal assesses your project (scoring). Tokeportal conducts legal and business validation; it checks the submitted information about the campaign.

Launching your campaign

Tokeportal notifies you about the approval of your campaign. We encourage you to constantly keep in touch with the crowd during your 46-60 days-long campaign through our online forum and recruit investors.

After reaching your funding target

In case you accomplished your funding target, Tokeportal will deduct the success fee and provides support in the issuance of shares and their transferral to shareholders.  Tokeportal keeps track of your records, checks the realization of your Key Performance Indicators.


How to start a campaign

Who can launch a crowdfunding campaign through Tokeportal.hu?

Both individuals and institutions can indicate their intent to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Tokeportal.hu. In case your project is not incorporated at the start of the campaign as a private limited company, you have to transform it or found a new private limited company. This is essential because Tokeportal.hu facilitates equity-based crowdfunding.

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Registration at the portal

Access to certain functions of the portal (creating a campaign and investment) is available only to registered users. The registration process takes only a few minutes.  After submitting your e-mail address and setting your password, you will receive an activation link via e-mail. By clicking on this link, you can start using the portal.

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Before launching your campaign

The professional team of Tokeportal.hu checks your campaign before launching it on the portal. Therefore you should contact us before uploading your material on the portal’s webpage. After contacting us, you will receive help from an account manager in getting to know the process of campaign validation and in organizing your first personal or video…

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Services provided by Tokeportal.hu

In case you need help in creating your business documents, you can receive help via our mentoring program. We intend to connect you with the appropriate mentor to help you in business development and industry-related issues. After your successful campaign, your enterprise will operate as a private limited company. This legal form is less frequent…

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How much capital can you raise through Tokeportal.hu?

Campaign Owners usually raise HUF 30-300 million with their equity-based crowdfunding campaigns. Prior to Before launching your campaign, you must  create a business plan, which determines the amount of money you need in order to run a successful venture. A portion of this plan should provide a brief budget that outlines the use of funds.…

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Launching your campaign

Before creating your campaign on our site, you have to validate your profile. You can do this at the Profile section by uploading your personal identification documents. After validation you become eligible to upload your campaign. You can share your draft campaign with your partners and prospective investors even before launch and you can collect…

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Risk warning

The full range of information about investment opportunities are available only to investors approved by Tőkeportál Zrt. Tokeportal does not give investment advice, nor does it make offers. The enterprises raising capital through Tokeportal.hu are usually early-phase small and medium sized companies. Investing in such companies bears the risk of losing part of or even the entire capital invested. Invest in companies registered at Tokeportal.hu only if you fully understand and accept the risks involved.