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Las Vegans is the biggest vegan restaurant chain in Hungary, and now it is launching its crowdfunding campaign. This is your chance to become an investor and try yourself out in the vegan food industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to become their customer and investor at once!

Las Vegan’s is the leader in the vegan food industry in Hungary with the most restaurants. Starting with the food truck conception, the company was founded back in 2016 with the concept of infusing the street food experience with the vegan world.

Who we are?

The founding family members have had a very specific vision and particularly keen plans to create and shape the vegan culture in Hungary. Our team also includes a well-known dietitian, a professional caterer, an experienced accountant and an HR associate for the purpose of enabling fast expansion of the business regarding the personnel aspect. We are indeed proud of our achievements, how we, within only 4 years time, became a leading brand in the vegan world from a single food truck. Although this ongoing pandemic had done significant damage on our business, and in general on the catering market, we strongly believe that we possess the secret sauce how to take advantage even in this tough situation, and that is innovation and determination.

With the contribution of Szent Istvan University and the Hungarian Dairy Research Institute, we are preparing the launch of our very own products, which will not only be available to purchase in our restaurants, but will also be sold by local shops as part of a collaboration. We recently launched our vegan delivery service with a simple and user friendly system. And now we are launching our franchise concept, supported by the Hungarian Franchise Association.



Vegan Garden, Karavan, Hungarian Dairy Research Institute, Hungarian Franchise Association, Szent Istvan University, WoltEnt., Delivery Hero Hunagry Kft., Bolt Food, Nutritive Zrt., MATE (former SZIE), Metro Kereskedelmi Kft., Bahamas Kft., Matusz-Vad Zrt., Mr. Zöldség Zrt., Felelős Gasztrohős Alapítvány, MAVEG, Sütivilág Kft., Inox-Bázis Kft., Gasztroker Konyhatechnika Kft.

„We would like to make healthy consumption habits as popular as possible and create a society that believes in choosing healthy, vegan options over fast food and chemical produce. The primary goal and mission of our business is to introduce these vegan options to the business world and demonstrate how lucrative and healthy it can simoultaneously be.”

Peter Papp, founder, CEO

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