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Infratrainer = ergonomic fitness bike + infrared radiation + unique customization with the help of Zerofat Technology service

As part of the Zerofat Technology system, the Infratrainer machine provides a service that no potential competitor is currently capable of. The complete system follows the user through the weight loss process and supports the achievement of the goal in an interactive way.


Infratrainer is a revolutionary niche device that helps an individual to change her lifestyle and return to the world of sports after having overweight effectively and safely reduced.Infratrainer is safe, easy to use by anyone,without joint strain, and requires no hard work to exercise.

During the exercise, infrared radiation penetrates under the skin, heats up tissues accelerating fat metabolism and detoxication. With the integrated entertainment system, the 50-minute session spent in Infratrainer elapses pleasantly, while her body burns 6-800 calories, equivalent to a 13-17 km running workout. Typical weight loss is 1 kg per week.

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