The first regulated Hungarian Crowd Funding Portal

Coming soon aims to establish equity-based crowdfunding in Hungary.

Through, startups, established companies can raise funds through video-and text based campaigns on our site. The scale of such crowdfunding campaigns are subject to European Union legislation and, as a result, currently it is limited to €100,000 per year until further laws and guidelines are introduced in 2019, that will elevate the potential capital to €8,000,000 per year. By the time this huge potential comes into effect, aims to establish a valuable brand and be a key player on the capital market.




Online crowdfunding is an effective and innovative financial technology service, featuring an easy web-shop style process for crowdfunding projects and startups through online campaigns. Once the target amount has been reached, new shares will be issued to new shareholders allowing the company to continue operating as a private company whilst also being expected to follow up with its donors and fundraisers on it’s progress. This process can be seen as a semi-public corporate governance.


Tokeportál is a marketplace for local and regional enterprises that require capital and online marketing, and for private and institutional investors that aim to diversify their investments in new asset classes. Our company, jointly founded with MKB Bank believes that can pioneer and truly establish equity-based crowdfunding in Hungary.

Our mission is to facilitate the organic and transparent growth of small to medium sized enterprises through a cost-effective, modern and transparently regulated portal. By evangelising crowd funding here in Hungary, there is a responsibility to educate and raise awareness for the importance of the sustainable growth within the startup ecosystem.

Through our portal, we trust that more and more everyday investors will take the opportunity to access investment, something formerly available only abroad or only for professional investors.




Our vision is for Tőkeportál to be the stock market of the domestic start-up community; we aim for it to become the efficient marketplace for smaller campaigns that wish to raise capital.

The problem

The creation of many marketable ideas are often hindered by lack of capital. Such situations frequently occur during the initial phase of startups or enterprises. Friends, family and acquaintances often cannot provide any more funds after a certain point whilst receiving funding from professional financial institutions is also still not yet possible. Although several renowned and successful portals, such as Seeders or Funderbeam, exist in developed capital markets in Hungary there has not been any fintech solution yet, a gap in the market that intends to fill.


Our solution

To reach out to the crowd and to the next level of financing that is required for a business venture the equity-based crowdfunding campaigns prove to be the most effective way for startups and SMEs to reach their growth targets. For local and regional startups, as well as SME’s, is the most appropriate platform for raising such funds. Whilst helping project owners reach their targets, our transparently regulated solution upholds and provides international standards of law, adjusted to local and international ventures as well as the needs of its investors.



For entrepreneurs

  • offers to project owners, organizations and startups registered here, providing effective means of raising capital even at the inception of a project.
  • Both wide publicity, and the online marketing activity of the portal, will increase a startup’s potential when advertising its products and needs.
  • It is part of our mission to provide constant support in the education of enterprises and investors in the design of appropriate campaigns and their successful realization.
  • As an important cornerstone of the startup-ecosystem, we cooperate with carefully selected consultants that provide targeted advice on how to be successful in crowd funding. Our experts are at the service of the project owners after registration and identification on our portal.
  • offers tailor-made legal advice on becoming an equity based crowdfunder from the idea until the shares are issued through KELER.

For investors

  • offers an overview of current investment opportunities at a glance.
  • is used by entrepreneurs to launch their latest ideas. By becoming a member of the crowdfunding community, prospective investors may gain easy access to startup investments either on an individual or group/company basis. Such syndicates enable a very effective investment structure.
  • The online portal’s forum and its social media sites enable flexible communication between the parties involved considering regular reports on progress and successes.

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